Why Choose Dry Carpet Cleaning?

The concept of Dry Carpet Cleaning originated in the 1990's with advances in chemical technology.

The creation of new polymers that literally encapsulate or crystallize contaminants into dry residues, on contact, led to creation of this breakthrough carpet cleaning process.

These environmentally safe, nontoxic polymers act like tiny sponges; first breaking the chemical bonds between soils & carpet fibers, then dissolving & absorbing loosened impurities on contact.

The polymers are applied as a fine mist which dries almost instantly.

The dry crystallized solution can be vacuumed immediately, taking with it any contaminants trapped in the carpet.

Carpets are ready for use immediately, with no drying time necessary. This makes Try It Dry Carpet Cleaning ideal for commercial clients. We offer services for offices, restaurants, retail spaces and industrial properties along with residential cleaning. 

Because there are no saturated backings or padding, Dry Carpet Cleaning carries little to no risk of encouraging mold or mildew growth.

The encapsulation process used by Try It Dry Carpet Cleaning has been shown to  improve carpet appearance compared to other systems, according to industry studies. Our unique double brush system lifts and fluffs carpet pile to reduce any matting.

Try It Dry Carpet Cleaning also keeps your carpets cleaner, longer, because there is no gummy detergent residue left behind to attract soil.

Did You Know?

Our proprietary Dry Carpet Cleaning process is unique to the Richmond area. We offer convenient online scheduling, and our technicians are fully trained, screened and background checked.

Try It Dry is faster than traditional carpet cleaning- we fit your busy schedule.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is a great way to protect the air quality in your home. Richmond is one of the top areas in the US for allergens. Try It Dry removes pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants. Our process leaves no gummy residue behind to trap and hold allergens & soil; or excess moisture to promote mold and mildew growth. 

Check out some of our Before & Afters below, and see how Try It dry can transform and restore your carpets!

Try It Dry Carpet Care - Richmond, VA and surrounding areas. 

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